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Hangzhou Andrew Equipment Manufacture
The predecessor of Hangzhou Andrew Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a branch factory of service equipment manufacturing affiliated to Hangzhou Bearing Plant. The company owns processing equipments for various high-precision universal machineries, professional machinery design engineers and technicians. It located along beautiful bank of West Lake of Hangzhou, linked closely with Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo Express Highway and 104, 201 National Highways.

Equipments and instruments like 3MZ-3010 bearing ring groove super-finishing machine, C7630 and C9230 multi-cut semi-automatic lathe, BWT-2A waviness-meter which were designed and made by the company itself prove that the company has relatively strong design and manufacturing capability. Since 1984, Hangzhou Bearing Test and Research Centre and Hangzhou Bearing Plant established with the support of United Nations has started cooperation in researching and developing BVT speed type vibration measuring instrument which were approved by experts from the original Ministry of Machine-Building Industry in 1985 and has been put into mass production for more than 20 years. Meanwhile, types of instrument and equipment has been developed from single BVT-1 to BVT-1A, BVT-5 and BVT-6 type, etc, forming a series of vibration meter. In recent years, the company cooperated with Hangzhou Bearing Experiment and Research Center to develop and manufacture the accelerated life tester of bearing. Annual sales of the instrument reach over 150 sets and are not only sold everywhere in China, but also US, Germany, Argentina, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Italy, Sweden, South Korea, India, Vietnam, etc. It is extensively appreciated by the users.

Bearing vibration-measuring device is one of the most important instruments for bearing manufacturing and application units, and research institutions for bearing quality analysis and test. Now, instruments of the company are mainly provided to bearing industry, motor industry, household appliances industry and research institutions of bearing industry.

In order to speed up growth of the enterprise, improve development rate and increase category of instrument with diversified products, Hangzhou Bearing Factory Technological Equipment Manufacturing Sub-plant carried out standardized reform of limited company according to Company law and officially founded Hangzhou Andrew Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd in 2003.

Since the company was founded, it had already set up its own developing objective: regarding manufacturing and sales of the instrument and equipment as its major business, to develop and manufacture other relevant equipments of bearing production mainly including numerical control precision lathe, bearing ring cold rolling machine, etc and therefore to make due contribution to the bearing industry in China.

Address: No. 416, Shiqiao Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang
Tel:+86-571—85772666 Ext.2670     Fax: +86-571-85772555     Postcode: 310022

Shanghai XOMI Instrument Co., Ltd
Shanghai XOMI Instrument Co., Ltd is invested by both C&U Group Co., Ltd and US Xomi Instruments Co., Ltd. It is the first supplier that owns completely independent intellectual property rights of test instrument for high-precision contact-less automatic semiconductor in mainland China, is a member of SICA. This company produces equipment that are widely applied to following areas:

detection of physical lithography size of wafer surface(Wafer CD)

detection of physical size of wafer lithography mask surface (Mask CD)
detection of physical size of photo mask base surface of flat panel display
detection of reference of diameter, distance and position of fiber pigtail
High precision tri-axial measurement of precision minimal component (such as mini-bearing)

The core management and research team of Shanghai XOMI Instrument Co., Ltd consists of overseas students from USA Silicon Valley. The Chinese investor of the company----C&U Group, owns 98 exclusively-invested and controlled enterprises and has branch companies in Japan and USA, with its product sold to more than 50 countries and regions. C&U Group now has more than 9,700 employees, the aggregate sales of commodities reached 4 billion Yuan in 2006. The USA investor Xomi Instruments Co., Ltd is headquartered in Chicago of Illinois State and has been engaging in development, production and sales of semiconductor precision instrument for a long time by means of its leading skill, processing technique and equipment within the industry.

Upholding the concept of “profession and dedication”, Shanghai XOMI Instrument Co., Ltd provides clients with comprehensive process control solutions and technique service with professional knowledge and dedicated attitude. It endeavors to upgrading microelectronic, especially the semiconductor industrial chain and promoting technical reform in China.

Address: C&U Industrial Park, Fengxian District, Shanghai
Tel:+86-21-57513966     Fax:+86-21-575133636 Ext.815     Postcode: 201411
Website: www.xomi.cn

Shanghai Jiachuang Precision Machinery Co., Ltd
Shanghai Jiachuang Precision Machinery Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Jiachuang) is registered and founded in Shanghai C&U Industrial Park in June 2003, mainly engages in the development and manufacturing of precision machine.

Relying on C&U Group, the company operates for the industries of bearing, auto, environmental protection, automatic logistics, etc. Its products such as bearing grinder, super finishing machine, assembling line, and central filtering control system are now applied to bearing enterprises, which results in the improvement of product quality and automation, and reduction of labor intensity.

Bearing is a high precision mechanical product which involves a lot of bottlenecks procedures, such as super precision finishing for middle and large-sized bearing outer ring groove. Jiachuang has made great achievement through active research. The bearing ring precision is guaranteed while limit on steel ball appears, the company therefore laid emphasis on the development of clamps of high precision component by adopting overseas techniques to guarantee the manufacturing process and high precision steel ball lapping machine was developed, which marked that Chinese bearing production industry started focusing on the warranty of assorted equipment by providing actual support.

The company insists on the operation concept of “human-oriented, manage as per bylaw, develop through quality and endless innovation”. It transfers a group of elites of bearing production equipment and employs experts within machine tool industry to jointly undertake development and final assembly. Thus, a firm basis for mass production is guaranteed. The company operates according to modern enterprise system to implement joint stock system from the very beginning, which enables the employee to fully exert their enthusiasm and activity, and to enhance the vigor and competitive power of the enterprise.

Address: C&U Industrial Park, Fengchent Town, Fengxian District, Shanghai
Tel:+86-21-57521011     Fax:+86-21-57521033     Postcode:201411

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